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May 1, 2014 4:00am CDT
they are being backed by the russian government, which russia denies. ukrainian leaders say they are helpless and fear that not much more can be done until the presidential election on may 25th. the mayor of toronto is taking an immediate leave of absence from his re-election campaign, after a new video reportedly showed him smoking crack cocaine -- again. the "toronto globe" says it has saturday in what appears to be the basement of mayor rob ford's sister. yesterday, ford announced that he is taking time off, to seek treatment for substance abuse. he admits he has an alcohol problem that makes him behave irresponsibly. oprah winfrey is joining the list of possible buyers of the los angeles clippers. the n-b-a is trying to force the clippers owner to sell the team, after it banned him for his racist comments. forbes magazine estimates the team is worth 575-million dollars. oprah could be joining forces with media executive david geffen and oracle c-e-o larry ellison to make an offer. geffen says winfrey really isn't interested in running the team.. she just wants the league to have another a
Apr 30, 2014 4:00am CDT
russia is now threatening american astronauts. >> why aldermen are taking issue with the mayor's plan to patch the city streets. >> the cast of the new star wars episode 7 movie is revealed.a ts morning in the shooting death of a 14-year-old girl. we'll have a *live update. a man tried to rob a mariano's in the south loop. we'll have details on his arrest. good morning, i'm dan ponce. and i'm erin mcelroy. let's go to demetrius ivory for a check of the weather. hi, demetrius. >> today will be like yesterday and like the day before that and the day before that. >> your popular this week. >> this is a cool looking system but it keeps raining as showers. >> occasionally she can be funny. >> that's what really happens during commercials. we shall clean it up. but there you go. sublet radar will continue. finally some music out there that i like. here is the deal. today, 20 percent chance of rain. it won't rain all day but we could see isolated showers across the entire area popping up sporadically we are under a very unsettled weather pattern. tonight we go down to 41. better chance of r
Apr 29, 2014 4:00am CDT
. >> and -- a ukrainian mayor is shot, as the west readies more sanctions. what russia says about an invasion. investigating this viral video of a man kicking a boy down a skate ramp. and -- the shakeup in late- night continues, as craig ferguson now makes a big announcement. announcement. that eliminates odors and doesn't just mask them. can you give us access to maybe the smelliest room in your house? the trash is bad... oh, yeah. ...and he just took it out. it smells really nice. like, fresher. [ male announcer ] don't just mask odors, eliminate them with febreze air effects. deadly storms sweep through mississippi and alabama, as the severe weather in the south continues. we'll have the latest. a 14-year-old girl is killed on her way home from school on the city's south side. and mayor daley could be on the stand next week, over a restaurant deal. we'll have details. good morning, i'm dan ponce. and i'm erin mcelroy. let's go to demetrius ivory for a check of the weather. about let's take a look. expecting temperatures to rise into the upper 60s. it's 41 in the waukegan. 42 in mundelein.
Apr 28, 2014 4:00am CDT
the tension in eastern ukraine. washington will cut off high tech exports to russia's defense industry. pro-russian separatists in eastern ukraine released one member of an inspection team being held against their will. seven monitors from the organization for security and cooperation in europe were brought before cameras at a news conference, where they were called prisoners of war. shortly after, a swedish member of the team who suffers from diabetes was released. the team was detained friday and accused of being spies. wednesday is election day in iraq. but some people in chicago and the suburbs get to *vote in it. there are 16 thousand assyrian christians in illinois who emigrated to america to flee the violence in their home country. many of them cast early ballots yesterday at the assyrian national council in skokie... one of nie polling places across america. at stake are 328 seats in iraq's parliament, the body that will choose the country's president and prime minister. old st. pat's church is celebrating the 30-th anniversary of the world's largest block party! to commemorate thi
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4